What Are Neodymium Sphere Magnets?

Neodymium sphere magnetic motors provide an excellent source of free electricity. Neodymium is a rare but extremely powerful material which has the ability to produce large amounts of electricity when it is tripped by a magnet. The strength of a magnet has a direct impact on the energy that can be produced from a Neodymium sphere magnet. However, the strength of a magnet will decrease as time passes and the Neodymium material will lose its magnetic force. This is the reason why it is important to store these motors safely and ensure that they are not exposed to the elements to prevent them from deteriorating.

Durability: The magnets used inside outdoor sphere magnetic motors are generally tested to incredibly high standards, but they are all susceptible to corrosion when constantly exposed to harsh weather conditions and UV rays. It is however, advisable to ensure the magnets are stored properly so that they do not get damaged. Metal sphere magnets are usually placed inside a protective acrylic case to prevent them being knocked around whilst stored in vehicles or stored in factories.

Power supply: Outdoor sphere power generators use a series of powerful, small magnets to generate direct electricity. Typically the larger the sphere the more power it will produce and this means you can get massive amounts of power for a relatively small cost. These types of generators are ideal for those looking to power a small piece of equipment that they use every day, such as a fridge, a laptop or any other electrical device.